Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Edible Canada Bistro

May 27, 2014

Haida Gwaii Spring Salmon w crispy pig's ear, roasted kohlrabi, celery, lovage, wild ginger noisette - 2

J's comment > not bad; salmon cooked perfectly, no complaints on the star of this dish; the complements though... not exactly the best pairing, but kudos to subbing the usual potatoes for something different; FYI kohlrabi is kinda like a turnip

Complimentary asparagus, avocado, julienne apples & cheese - 2

J's comment > not bad; asparagus very tender, no stringiness at all; grilled avocado creamy but the grill factor flavor wasn't too strong; apples and cheese complements paired well; FYI, this was one of the courses as part of the Spring Fling event w guest chef Sean Murray from Yew

Crispy Humboldt Squid w watercress, pickled ramps, garum aioli - 2

J's comment > not bad; slightly crisp on the exterior; squid texture tender; aioli paired well w the squid; this ain't calamari - it's better 

Wild Morel Mushrooms w creamy polenta, blackburn cheese, R. Urban Culitvator micro greens - 2

J's comment > not bad; ratio of polenta to mushrooms skewed heavily in favor of the polenta, which whilst creamy and good, was kind of one-dimensional; mushroom and cheese flavors didn't pair all the well although they were fine individually

North Thompson Farms Yak w roasted cauliflower puree, red dandelion, morels, blue cheese crumb - 2

J's comment > yak very chewy and lean, although it was cooked right; sides were really not that compatible; only other time I've ever had yak before was at Secret Location, so I just had to get this to compare

Canadian Butter Tart w macerated raisins, chantilly cream - 2+

J's comment > one of the best butter tarts I've ever had, right on par w Le Marche St. George's and Starbucks' (Yes! Starbucks has one heck of a butter tart although I haven't had one for a while... heehee.. time for a revisit soon); the most shocking ingredient on this dish though was the chantilly cream which was hands and feet down better than any devonshire cream I've ever had, at any afternoon tea places or grocery purchases; yes, this chantilly cream was actually more akin to clotted cream than whipped cream!; anyways, back to the tart ;D, the crust was just the slightest bit dense and a tad thick, but otherwise everything a tart shell should be

Creme Posset w hazelmere blueberries, toasted hazelnuts - 2+

J's comment > very creamy, kinda reminiscent of a panna cotta but much much creamier; blueberries a tad too much, slightly overwhelming the creme flavor

Canadian Spirit Flight (whisky)
(left to right)

Collingwood: Hand crafted, toasted maple wood, mellow & sweet - 1

Lot 40: Pure Rye, oaked, vanilla & sweet spice - 1

Okanagan Spirits: Rye & corn base, orange peel, toasted spice - 2

Alberta Premium Dark Horse: Rye, aged 12 years, dried fruit, sweet oak - 2

Glen Breton: Single malt whisky - 2

J's comment > both the Collingwood and Lot 40 were really strong, leaving no room to savour the advertised flavors; the Okanagan Spirits had a trace amt of orange flavor, but didn't get much other than that; the Dark Horse was the 'best' of the bunch, as it wasn't as strong as the others; the Glen Breton was no. 3 on my preference of this list


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