Friday, May 16, 2014

Faubourg on Hornby

May 16, 2014

Pain au chocolat - 2+

J's comment > WOW! Very crispy and light, w just the right amt of softness inside and the right portion of chocolate; very well done

Chocolate decadence mousse - 2

J's comment > not bad; lots of textures in this one, you have the cream, the mini choux puffs, and surprisingly, a cookie as the bottom; cream was slightly stiff, puffs were better than avg, but by no means best ever; cookie was really crunchy which was good

Strawberry black pepper macaron - 2

Cannele bordelais - 2

J's comment > macaron wasn't bad; slightly more meringue crisp than creaminess, not as fluffy as Bel Cafe's, which is my go-to spot for macarons now; strawberry flavor not too strong, really small hints of the black pepper; as for the cannele, Thierry's still wins hands down, the one at Faubourg was really doughy, no crisp at all, it actually had a vanilla custard on the inside too, which made the whole pastry even more 'mushy'

Curry chicken sandwich - 2

J's comment > chicken very tender, panini baguette nicely crisped, but tad hard for my liking

Sable - 1

J's comment > ewww.. absolute garbage... rock hard to the ponit of breaking your tooth, and absolutely flavorless other than the sugar you find in your Froot Loops.


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