Wednesday, May 28, 2014


May 28, 2014

Biscottino sample - 2

J's comment > had very little bits of crunch in it (think biscotti, get it? biscottino... :D), but slightly better than the rest of the bunch I tried (see below)

Bueno bar sample - 2

J's comment > not quite the Kinder Bueno bar I was imagining, but passable

Captain Crunch sample - 2

J's comment > actual crunch not present in gelato, didn't really taste like the Captain Crunch cereal either, more like a slightly sweeter version of sweet cream

Brownie Mousse: Chocolate sponge & rich brownies, surrounded by a dark chocolate mousse, topped w a brownie enrobed in a dark chocolate ganache - 2

Dolce Latte - 2

J's comment > mousse was actually more like a cake, chocolate flavor present, but lacking slightly; dolce latte OK, like most of the others above, delivers on the flavor advertised, but not much more; FYI, the cakes at Gelarmony are sourced from the Pastry Box in Coquitlam - I've tried their whoopie pies before, wasn't impressed then, now I regret trying to prove myself wrong today

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