Monday, May 12, 2014


May 12, 2014

Dungeness crab w truffle custard, meyer lemon, edamame, artichoke - 2+

J's comment > crab very fresh; truffle texture oh-so-soft, truffle flavor not too strong, allowing the crab to shine through; hint of the lemon advertised; very well done

Prosciutto di parma w pear, burrata, olive oil marshmallow, walnut - 2+

J's comment > very generous portion of parma; burrata so creamy; marshmallow very soft and flavor of olive oil not exactly prominent, but unique flavor overall 

Foie gras torchon w rhubarb, pistachio, beet, warm brioche - 2

J's comment > not bad; foie gras rich and creamy but not heavy, actual flavor of foie not too strong; rhubarb a nice touch, but too long and stringy to eat in the right portion w the bite of foie; FYI, I think the kitchen forgot the 'warm brioche' advertised in the menu

Seared Japanese squid w peanut, nashi pear, crispy pork chili vinaigrette - 2

J's comment > squid a tad salty, but tender; loved the pear, wished there was more to balance the saltiness of the squid; couldn't help comparing this squid to Diva's octopus, Diva wins hands and feet down dish vs dish

Ancho glazed pork belly w heart of palm, yucca, jicama, lime - 2

J's comment > the pork belly was buried under the heart of palm shavings you see; the pork was not dry by any means, but I thought it could have been a lot more marbly as it is pork belly we are talking about; heart of palm shavings intriguing, but not a big fan

Cassis almond tart w pear sorbet, tonka bean - 2

J's comment > not bad; almond tart dense and full of the namesake flavor; tonka bean flavor subtle; loved the cassis candy tuille on top of the tart, kinda like a refined haw flake

White chocolate, yogurt, citrus - 2

J's comment > white chocolate mousse good; yogurt meringue though, smelled much too strongly of the egg white ingredient (yes, I do know what meringue is made of, but it doesn't have to smell like this; see the pavlova I had @ Central Bistro); citrus dollops were OK

Complimentary after-dinner bites

White chocolate crunch - 2+

Fruit jelly - 2

J's comment > not bad on both counts; white chocolate crunch had an intense white chocolate flavor without the usual overwhelmingly sweetness that accompanies all white chocolate; fruit jelly was like a solidified, concentrated scoop of jam

Side Story: Rittenhouse 100 rye, Boomsma Genever, Cynar, Moondog extract - 2

J's comment > slightly too sour w a tad too bitter for my liking


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