Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kiss Me Organics: Organic Matcha Green Tea

May 29, 2014

Kiss Me Organics: Organic Matcha Green Tea - 2

J's comment > not bad; strong matcha flavor & finely powdered - good for baking / making stuff with (see whipped cream concoction below) but not so much for drinking on its own, à la Japanese tea ceremony style (see below)

Round 1
J's homemade matcha whipped cream - 2

J's comment > not bad; for this homemade whip, I used:

2 teaspoons of Organic Matcha;
400ml of Dairyland Whipping Cream; and
4 teaspoons of Rogers Fine Granulated Sugar

the matcha flavor was very strong and not bitter at all (though that was probably due to the sugar); although the texture of the matcha whip was smooth and creamy as only whip cream can deliver, there was a certain 'coarseness' to the matcha itself that whilst not detrimental, detracted slightly from the whip overall

FYI, I chose to make whipped cream w the matcha as I thought it would provide a 'cleaner' base to judge the matcha ingredient

Round 2
Kiss Me Organics: Organic Matcha Green Tea - 2

J's comment > to drink this straight up, I used:

1/8 teaspoon of Organic Matcha
1/8 cup of boiling water

matcha flavor was strong as expected, but slightly bitter w bits of the matcha undissolved at the bottom; ironically it didn't taste as coarse as the matcha whip

FYI, boiling water is a no-no for the Japanese tea ceremony style matcha, but the heated water used in a previous round didn't dissolve the matcha powder so I upped the ante and used boiling water, which still didn't dissolved the powder... hmm...

Extra Comments
I was approached by Kiss Me Organics ("KMO") to review their Organic Matcha and of course, I happily accepted. KMO actually provides a free e-guide of recipes w every purchase of their Organic Matcha, and despite the options of smoothies and pizza, baked goods, etc. in the guide that had pre-measured portions w instructions, I decided to go the unchartered route and made whipped cream with it, and drank it straight up for the 'undiluted' experience.

Final Verdict: From the strength of the matcha flavor in the whip, I can foresee that adding this particular ingredient to other methods of cooking, eg baking or making smoothies as advertised, would produce sufficient matcha flavor to the final creations. Also, to be fair, KMO advertises this product as "Culinary Grade" meaning that it's actually made for baking / cooking. However, to drink this product straight up, Japanese style (the true test of quality matcha), Organic Matcha needs some tweaking.

Kiss Me Organics matcha green tea available through Amazon; $29 for 4oz / 113g

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