Saturday, May 10, 2014

Magda's Restaurant

May 10, 2014

#47 Pabellon Criollo: Rice, black beans, cheese, shredded beef, sweet plantain - 2

J's comment > every item on this dish was passable, items could be picked at if really hungry, but by no means worth the calories

#48 Bandeja Paisa: Thin slices of grilled thin steak, chicharron (fried pork rind), fried red beans, egg, fried plantain, avocado, salad & arepa - 2

J's comment > another ho-hum dish; arepa (the round disc on the right) was OK, not as dense as it looks, texture closer to what I expect from a pupusa than the actual pupusas we got (more on that below); 'steak' woefully dry and came in ONE piece, not pieceS as described; chicharron sub-par, meat part was dry and fatty part was really greasy (how some kitchens manage to do this I'll never know; at least if the fatty part is greasy, won't the fat trickle down to the meat itself to make sure that that part doesn't turn dry?!)

Tajadas con queso: deep fried sweet plantain with cheese - 2

J's comment > some plantain pieces were dry, some were OK, but none were a '3' as per last visit; what a disappointment; cheese was OK (doesn't really go w the plantain to begin w, but Magda's doesn't have a dish of just plantains so you can brush off the cheese if you like)

Beef empanada - 2

J's comment > dough part was alright, but the beef had no flavor; forgettable

Ham and cheese empanada - 2

J's comment > again, dough part was alright, and cheese and ham was OK too (not very flavorful, but present and not dry); the problem w this item though, was that I picked it up and my hand was instantly smeared in grease, so I decided to soak up some of the grease w a paper napkin... 3 paper napkins later, this empanada was still leaking, yes! leaking! oil from the dough; I took one bite just for journalistic integrity and promptly left the rest for the table

Pupusas - 2

J's comment > the dough was on the mushy side, nowhere near the actual texture of what pupusas should be like (hmmm... a trip back to Rinconcito seems to be in order just to erase the memory of this failure)

Quesillo (Venezuelan flan) - 2

J's comment > on the dense side, kinda like a caramel custard that got a few extra shots of gelatin

Pineapple juice - 2+

J's comment > fresh and sweet

Guava juice - 2

J's comment > kinda bland

Horchata - 2

J's comment > essentially milk + cinnamon; no rice at all as is the signature ingredient of the horchata

Soursop juice - 2

J's comment > bland; very subtle hints of the soursop flavor

Tamarindo - 2

J's comment > extremely sour


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Extra Comment
Overall, the quality has significantly gone down the drain compared to previous visits from last year. Doubtful that I'll ever come back.

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