Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oyster Shack

May 15, 2014

Miyagi oysters (buck a shuck 3 to 6) - 2

J's comment > not bad; not as salty as some oysters are, fresh, but a tad bland; cocktail sauce was good though; FYI, the buck a shuck is only a buck if you get a drink (either alcoholic or non) to go with it

Gold king crab legs w garlic butter, mild spiciness - 1

J's comment > crab legs obviously reheated from frozen status (the server actually confirmed this too as I was paying), flesh slightly mushy & watery on the inside; sauce-wise, it was salty and the 'mild' spiciness was more than 'mild';

follow up rant from my spam 'incident' at Kanaka - at an obviously seafood joint, wouldn't you expect the seafood served here to be fresh? Cause I didn't ask before ordering (my fault?) and this is the garbage I got. Or am I asking too much? Honestly, I'd like to know! Chefs, restauranteurs and managers, please advise.

FYI, the prices are always market price, but as a general guideline, expect about $30/lb for the lobster, dungeness and king crab legs

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Extra Comment
The server asked what I thought of the food, and I answered per the above. He also advised, what I thought would have been good to know before I ordered and pass on now, that the seafood isn't always 'fresh' as in swimming-in-tank à la T & T until you drag the crustacean screaming and kicking to its demise, but that the seafood is frozen if the crustaceans are nearing their 'expiry date' (AKA about to die).

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