Friday, May 02, 2014


May 2, 2014

13oz Boneless rib eye & frites, bourbon & peppercorn sauce - 2+

J's comment > really tender, surprising gamey undertones, lots of gristle (my fav! totally extra points for this); concentrated jus; FYI, we requested rare and the first one served (see below) was definitely more medium-well done than rare, so we sent it back and thankfully the second one that came out was more accurately cooked.

The 'botched' rib eye

Side of frites that came w the rib eye - 2

J's comment > not bad; very crisp fries, almost too crisp actually, methinks these were just a tad overdone, but still good!

Spaghetti, tomatoes, meatballs & basil - 2

J's comment > noodles a tad thicker than I like (personal pref for thin noodles, AKA capellini), but cooked just a smidgen too soft; meatballs OK, not particularly dense nor fluffy; sauce also avg

Chocolate chip cookies w a shot of milk - 3

J's comment > an eternal fav, we consistently get this for dessert every. single. time. we come to Pourhouse. It's THAT good, a solid 3; edges crisp, fluffy soft centre; served very warm. Oh the decadence.

Chocolate Brownie w peanut brittle, rum raisin ice cream (complimentary) - 2

J's comment > not bad; brownie was rich but not heavy, slightly moist; better than avg, but not the best brownie by far, so much unlike Pourhouse's signature chocolate chip cookies; ice cream creamy, not bad, but rum flavor really light, raisins too chunky, raisins could have been more separated; FYI, we got this on the house as our second server (the first one's shift ended half way through our meal) felt bad for the rib eye mishap and then the lengthy service wait - it was Friday evening after all, super cookie points to our second server for being apologetic about this! 

Perfect old pow: Bourbon, Campari, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth - 2

J's comment > really easy to drink, not as 'alcoholy' as I expected of a cocktail

Division Bell: Mezcal, Aperol, Maraschino, lime juice, grapefruit oil - 2

J's comment > the smokiness from the Mezcal packs quite a punch, but got used to it after a few sips; lime juice blended in beautifully 


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