Saturday, May 31, 2014

Qoola @ Guildford Town Centre

May 31, 2014

Acai gojiberry - 2+

Frosted flakes - 2

J's comment > acai flavor just the right balance of sweet / tart; as I've declared before, the best topping for frozen yogurt (or any ice cream variation really), has to be crunchy, I found the Frosted flakes too sweet, skewing the sweet / tart balance of the acai :(

Banana split - 2+

J's comment > this actually tastes like bananas and vanilla ice cream, and not some botched up attempt!

Peach lychee - 2+

J's comment > very prominent peach flavors, lychee flavor present but not as strong, nonetheless, another good balance of sweet / tart

Mango - 2+

J's comment > mango flavor strong, definitely a win for mango lovers

Lemon - 2+

Blood Orange Passionfruit - 2

J's comment > lemon reminded me of the Activia lemon yogurt, not too sour; blood orange passionfruit was not bad either, but it was more passionfruit than orange

Wannawafel - 2

J's comment > not bad; texture doughy w a bit of a chew, not crisp in the least; flavor was slightly sweet

Pure - 2

J's comment > not sure if this is the original, but this was neither sweet nor tart, just kinda... there...

Vanilla - 2

J's comment > like your avg vanilla flavored frozen treat... meh...

Chocolate - 2

J's comment > like your avg chocolate flavored frozen treat... meh...

Green tea - 1

J's comment > wow, this was just terrible; it tasted nothing like matcha


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