Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Robson Mongolian BBQ (fly in my noodles)

May 28, 2014

Mix bowl of lamb, beef, chicken and pork w noodles & carrots - 1

J's comment > noodles were OK, meats all kinda tasted the same; the sauces added were all watered down and didn't have any flavor (I added about 10 scoops of different sauces to my bowl and the finished product came out bland. Really?); there were also significantly more noodles and less meat than what I put in (see pre-cook pic below); unfortunately, I had my back turned to the cooking rotunda so I didn't see what happened, but it is VERY obvious there is way more noodles than meat in this bowl presented by the server than the bowl I set down for the chef

In addition, I found a fly in my food after chowing down the first layer (pics below)

Click on this pic for the zoom up of the fly. You can clearly see the wing on the left and the head facing down

Magic! A sprinkling of noodles turns into 

"Salad" - 1

J's comment > flavorless

Soup - 1

J's comment > bland


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