Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shi Art / 食藝海鮮酒家

May 25, 2014

Boiled spot prawns - 2+

J's comment > very very fresh; really a '3', but I could just as easily buy this from T & T myself and boil it at home, so I'll try and refrain from paying the premium at a restaurant for something I can easily get and prepare myself

Beef fried rice w extra egg - 2+

J's comment > just as good as last time! Same comments: you could taste each grain of rice, every single one of 'em plump and really flavorful; beef was OK; egg added a certain 'je ne said quoi' amt of 'freshness' to the dish; very well done

Shredded chicken w jellyfish, wonton crisps and sesame - 2+

Roast squab - 2

Deep fried milk mango pudding - 2

J's comment > Chicken was incredibly tender and juicy, and the wonton crisps sealed the texture deal; squab was not bad, very flavorful, but skin not crispy in the least; hats off to the chef in maintaining the crisp consistency of the fry factor, whilst keeping the pudding moist and well, pudding-like on the inside, the main drawback though was that the mango flavor was almost non-existent

Abalone sauce noodles - 2

J's comment > not bad, but sauce a tad too thin to thoroughly coat the noodles; noodles themselves were also a tad hard

Deep fried tofu w spicy salt - 2

J's comment > batter of deep fry tad too thick; tofu bland; not spicy at all :(

Complimentary chrysanthemum jelly - 2+

J's comment > just as good as last time, same comments: tad too much gelatin, but the bits of goji, longan and chrysanthemum enhanced the jelly really well; the base (coconut jelly) was also a tad stiff, and slightly too subtle, but helped as a base in promoting the flavors on top

Complimentary red rice soup w taro - 2

J's comment > not bad; kinda like the Thai black rice pudding but w a lot of liquid


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