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Snacks @ Konbiniya

May 14, 2014

Shirakiku: Monaka (bean cake) w mochi - 2+

J's comment > more mochi than crisp exterior; mochi texture evident, but not too heavy in the centre; red bean flavor not very strong, but not bad at all; exterior crisp could have been even crisper and thicker for the perfect balance

Nestle, Kit Kat: Baked Pudding - 2+

J's comment > baked version: very crisp all the way through; exterior has a slightly flaky tart texture; not too sweet, not exactly a 'pudding' flavor as advertised, I'd say it's more of a denser white chocolate flavor

unbaked version: your regular Kit Kat texture, but w the flavor described above

the way to go about this is to unwrap the Kit Kat's and stick it in the oven @ about 350 degrees Farenheit for about 3 mins to 'bake' it (I find that it's just best to watch it as it 'bakes' cause it can go from golden brown to charred in a flash)

I first came across this item on the Rocket News 24's Mar 28, 2014 posting; this is a new type of Kit Kat just launched in Japan in March, so I was very pleased to see this offered at the Konbiniya

Now let's try baking the regular chocolate Kit Kats... :D 

Tohato, Super Caramel Corn: Corn Potage - 2+

J's comment > kinda like a fluffier version of Corn Pops but slightly savorier; the advertised flavor is "Corn Potage" which = Corn soup - Tohato nailed this flavor but the flavoring wasn't quite mixed well, some puffs were more corn soup, others were more just Corn Pops flavor; BTW, I just had to try this to compare it to the Umai Bou corn puffs which are my official fav corn puff snack

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Glico, Pocky's friend Pejoy: Chocolate cream filled biscuit sticks - 2

J's comment > not bad; the Fran sticks still reign, but this was essentially an 'inside out' Pocky stick

Chiroru Choco: Matcha Mochi Choco - 2

J's comment > sadly not as good as the azuki/sakura version (see below); not enough matcha flavor, just an overwhelming white chocolate flavor; at least the mochi texture in the centre is still good

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Riska, Umai Bou: Takoyaki corn puffs - 2

J's comment > signature puff texture present; takoyaki flavoring also present, but together it just didn't work

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Tohato, Caramel Corn: Azuki (red bean) milk - 2

J's comment > red bean flavor not very strong, definitely emphasis on the 'milk' part

Tohato, Caramel Corn: Matcha (green tea) milk - 2

J's comment > matcha flavor not very strong, definitely emphasis on the 'milk' part; in relation to the Azuki above, this version was equally subdued in terms of the main flavor advertised

Morinaga, Choco Flake: Mix berry yogurt - 1

J's comment > Looks like cereal, tastes like really sweet white chocolate covered cereal; not for me

HK Dragon Beard Candy: Black sesame - 1

J's comment > first dragon beard candy I've had outside of Kam's @ the night market; really brittle and crunchy, not at all soft and chewy/stringy like Kam's

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