Monday, May 19, 2014

Tutti Frutti on 16th

May 19, 2014

(clockwise from left)

Strawberry cheesecake - 2+

Soy Almond - 2+

Vanilla - 2

Oatmeal cookie - 2+

J's comments > all the selections here were very creamy and the advertised flavors were all subtle yet definitely present and pleasant; vanilla was OK, but was, well, vanilla.

(clockwise from top right corner)

Pistachio - 2

Death by Chocolate - 2

TF Tart - 2

Watermelon - 2

Grape Sorbet - 2+

Soy Bean Peanut Butter - 2+

J's comments > the pistachio, chocolate and peanut butter were all creamy as per the batch above, but somehow the pistachio and peanut butter flavors just didn't impress as well as the other non-vanilla flavors above; chocolate was just chocolate, not much more to it; the TF Tart certainly lived up to its name, so much so that I, who cherish the frozen yogurt above ice cream and gelato because of this factor, got a little turned off; grape sorbet was refreshing, but the watermelon didn't quit taste like its namesake.

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