Friday, June 20, 2014

131 Water Kitchen and Bar

June 20, 2014

Hand cut double cooked fries - 2

131 Burger: House made all-beef chuck w lettuce, tomato & diner sauce - 1

J's comment > fries were passable; burger was overcooked and salty

Chicken & honey garlic ribs w wasabi coleslaw & yam fries w chipotle aioli - 1

J's comment > awful; chicken was dry and hard - how the heck do you mess up chicken that badly?! Ribs were passable, avg; yam fries were soggy and smashed underneath the protein (see pic) - what? the chef couldn't find a bigger plate in the kitchen? coleslaw didn't have any wasabi flavor, not even a smidgen


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Extra Comment
We had a SocialShopper voucher for this - totally overpaid for the crap that we got. Food was so bad that we had to hop across the street to Pourhouse for a pick-me-up (AKA decent food).

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