Monday, June 09, 2014

15 East

June 9, 2014

(left to right)

Chu-toro - 2

Shimaaji (striped jack) - 2

Hiramasa (golden striped) - 2

Arctic Char (Greenland) - 2

Makogarei (marbled sole) - 2

Katsuo (Japanese bonito) - 2

Tamago (egg omelet) - 2

J's comment > all pieces were not bad, but there were a few faults that have to be pointed out:

1) rice was unevenly vinegared, I had a bite of rice that was just teeming w vinegar. WTF?! My dining companion asserted that his rice was undercooked;

2) the chu-toro had a slightly fishy after-taste;

3) the Hiramasa was slightly stringy;

 the good: in general, the fish were fresh, and other than the Hiramasa pointed out below, all the fish were cut beautifully w no tendons or stringiness; the tamago was definitely unique, and I imagine would be more like the Japanese 'sponge cake' that is Jiro and Sushi Nakazawa's signature, nevertheless, I think I just prefer the traditionally prepared tamago; everything would be almost forgivable if this were just a 'regular' Japanese restaurant specializing in nigiri, but as a Michelin star restaurant? Not a chance


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Extra Comments
15 East got one Michelin star for 2014; that's one star too many. The sushi was not bad, but was most definitely not anywhere near what I think a Michelin star restaurant should serve.

Also, note that the only actual food picture is the plate of nigiri? No, that is not because I ate other plates before I got a chance to take a picture; we were served ONLY what we ordered. No edamame nor shishito peppers amuse bouches as we saw the table next to us get (they ordered wine, we did not, so I guess we can add 'stuck up' to the list of faults that 15 East needs to work on), not even palate cleansers after eating all that fish. I wouldn't expect anything else other than what we ordered if this was just a 'regular' Japanese restaurant, but a Michelin star restaurant? Isn't one of the criteria of being a Michelin star restaurant 'impeccable service'? Definitely '1' in this section.

My fav nigiri bar in Vancouver, Octopus Garden still reigns.

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