Saturday, June 07, 2014

Away on vacay in NYC

June 7, 2014

Hey y'all!

J here, reporting from NYC! For those of you w sharp eyes, you'll have noticed that my last post was from the YVR airport, cause I'm currently on vacay in NYC for a week! :D:D:D Soooo excited! First trip ever to the city that never sleeps! Obviously the main draw is going to be about the food, and on the main list to try are restaurants that Vancouver doesn't have. Michelin star restaurants!

On the list in chronological order for dinner are:

** - Momofuko Ko (no pics according to the website?! Hopefully this is just a 'suggested' guideline ;P)
* - 15 East (Japanese, nigiri focus)
** - Jungsik (Korean)
All'Onda (Italian w a touch of Japanese fusion, not a michelin star restaurant but heard so much good stuff about this joint)
* - Kajitsu (Japanese, kaiseki style)
*** - Jean Georges (French, dress code enforced!)

Can't wait to see what the fuss is all about! The only other Michelin star restaurant I've ever tried is Tim Ho Wan in HK last year and although that had solid 2+'s, I thought it was on par w some of Vancouver's dim sum places.

Of course I don't discriminate, so I'll be eating at whatever draws my fancy during the day, though the Cronut legend Dominique-Ansel patisserie is a must too, and Minamoto Kitchoan for my fill of traditional Japanese sweets.

I'll try to keep up w the postings, but no guarantees!

FYI, if you're interested, check out the list of this year's NYC Michelin star restaurants.

- J

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