Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie / 寶貝小館

June 26, 2014

Youtiao (Chinese donuts): White rabbit candy mousse & white chocolate dipping sauce, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, sesame & quinoa - 2+

J's comment > yes I did, I tweeted that these chinese donuts are better than any of the ones I've had at chinese restaurants; fluffy soft and lightly crisped, these donuts were true paragons of the term 'asian fusion'; Bao Bei nailed that term w this item, merging the usual youtiao recipe (youtiao's usually being a lot airier w a harder crisp shell) w the Western donut recipe (à la Krispy Kreme but without the sugar ☺); dipping sauce / mousse was a nice touch, but flavor could have been stronger - as such it was essentially just cream w donut

Panna Cotta: Preserved plum, confited cherry tomato, sugared peanuts - 2

J's comment > not bad; flavors very tasty; loved the wee bit of confit tomato on the top; texture of panna cotta soft, but not as soft as it could go

Assorted ice cream
(clockwise from top)

Vietnamese coffee - 2

Mango & condensed milk caramel - 2

Honey tangerine Sichuan peppercorn sorbet - 2

J's comment > fav of the bunch would have to be the sorbet (ha! I don't just automatically like the creamiest, richest item on a dish despite all evidence proving the contrary) - very smooth iciness, strong tangerine flavors (didn't quite get the honey nor the peppercorn though); mango flavor in the mango ice cream was strong w a weird-ish aftertaste that I can only accuse the caramel of, though it tasted nothing like condensed milk nor caramel - maybe this is what caramelized condensed milk tastes like?; vietnamese coffee ice cream was extremely bitter, even more so after trying one of the other sweeter ice cream / sorbet


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Extra Comment
Heehee, gotta share this short story:

Grazing's the name of the game when I nosh out, so when the menu is small-ish (like Bao Bei's dessert menu, 3 items only) I sometimes get to order as much as I want. My fav part of ordering in this situation? When the server asked me what I want and I replied 'the desserts'. He (somewhat annoyed I thought, and gave off a bit of 'another-idiotic-customer-to-serve' attitude) pressed 'which one?'. To which I smugly retorted 'All of them'. ☺

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