Thursday, June 26, 2014

Base Eat & Drink

June 26, 2014

#20 Hot Stone Bulgogi: Grilled beef in house BBQ sauce and assorted vegetable w rice in stone bowl - 2

J's comment > not bad; stone was really hot, so hot that it actually crisped the rice at the bottom to create the lovely crunchy rice that I like; beef OK, not the best cut but seasoned very well - this dish needs more of the tasty sauce though, not enough sauce to mix w the amt of rice provided; even the veggies weren't a problem for me (still not a fan, but at least these were actually palatable); FYI (kinda obvious, but anyhoos), if you want the crispy rice at the bottom, don't mix the rice at the bottom right away, let it crisp for a bit; one of the better hot stone bulgogi's I've ever had, if there was just enough sauce, solid 2+


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