Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chelsea Market

June 10, 2014

Beyond Sushi


Nutty Buddy: Buckwheat noodles, cashews, carrots, cilantro, Jalapenõ peanut butter, avocado, sesame oil, tofu, romaine lettuce; Sauce: Sweet soy mirin - 2+

Roll of the month: Black rice, roasted eggplant, avocado, & baby arugula topped w rosemary infused butter bean purée; Sauce: Roasted Roma tomatoes infused w garlic & thyme - 2

Baked tofu w chili mango sauce - 2

J's comments > the Nutty Buddy was a play on the avg Vietnamese shrimp roll, but despite being completely vegetarian, the Nutty Buddy was a force to be reckoned with, reminiscent of Broken Rice's roll - all the ingredients listed were very well balanced, w the crispness and creamy textures working in synchronization; the roll of the month was not bad, but when picking up a piece, the pieces threatened to fall apart; the baked tofu was exactly that, a dry-ish (not completely dry!) piece of tofu; FYI, you get to control the amt of sauce you want on your pieces w the fun sauce tubes served on the side


Almond rosemary chocolate nut butter - 2+

Cashew coconut banana nut butter - 2+

J's comment > all the advertised flavors came through and delivered on each sample; well balanced, well done

Watermelon lemonade - 2

J's comment > not bad; watermelon flavor very prominent despite the obviously stronger flavored lemon


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Sohha Savory Yogurt


Mango lassi - 2+

J's comment > very tasty mango lassi; mango & yogurt flavors in perfect unison, each enhancing the other

Regular savory yogurt - 2

Tart yogurt - 2

J's comment > the regular 'savory' yogurt wasn't actually that savory, just not sweetened, but not exactly unique; the tart yogurt was even too tart for my liking


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Tuck Shop


Daily special, Game of Thrones: Steak & stilton - 2

J's comment > steak and stilton flavors not bad; crust your avg pie crust - slightly flaky and dense; but having been spoilt by the Aussie Pie Guy's hand held pies (these were most definitely dig your fork in kind of pies), I had to give this point to the APG

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Fat Witch


Fat Witch Baby (original) - 2

Walnut Baby - 2

Caramel Baby - 2

Snow Baby - 2

J's comment > not bad overall, but on the heavy side, lots of oil in these brownies; the advertised flavors were in trace amts, just stick w the original; FYI, the 'baby' refers to the size as mini sizes

Butterscotch brownie (sample) - 2

J's comment > slight caramel flavor (but not much); surprisingly not as oily as the ones purchased

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Bar Suzette


Honey & Almonds: Clover honey & almond slivers crepe - 2

J's comment > could have used a tad more honey and a little less almonds; crepe texture passable; unfortunately, the crepe flavor tasted like the cardboard holder it came in, as the crepe absorbed the cardboard 'fumes'; a real shame


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Extra Comment
Google Maps somehow can't find the term 'Chelsea Market', even though you can find it when scrolling around the New York map. Be aware that it's at 15th Street and 9th Avenue, not 29th Street and 8th Avenue. Heehee... also, it appears that Google's NY's headquarters is right above the Chelsea Market if this elevator door inside the market is any indication ;D

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