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Dominique Ansel

June 9, 2014

'Limited Edition - One day only' Rangers cronut: Strawberry Balsamic & Mascarpone (with basil sugar)- 2+

J's comment > WOW! How refreshing to taste something that isn't over-rated or over-hyped! The cronut delivered on both counts, on both the multi-layer flakiness of a croissant and the fluffiness of a donut. The filling was also just the right amt, not too sweet, although the only flavor I got was strawberry and not a trace of the balsamic, mascarpone (then again this is a very subtle cheese), or basil.

FYI, apparently the NY Rangers made it into the playoffs, hence the bakery's celebration in having such a pretty item dressed w colored icing sugar - much too sweet, I scraped off the icing and enjoyed the cronut as it should be, without any embellishments

NY article on this 'special' cronut

Madeleine - 2+

J's comment > served warm, fresh, baked to order; soft and fluffy in the center w the slightest crisp edge; best madeleine I've ever had; FYI, these were complimentary to everyone waiting in line w small shot of lemonade

Paris-NY: A twist on the Paris-Brest w a choux dough & a chocolate, caramel & peanut butter filling - 2+

J's comment > another winner! Very well balanced flavors of the chocolate, caramel & peanut butter, soft choux (are you reading this Maison Kayser? Cause your choux pastries need some SERIOUS work)

Chocolate croissant - 2

DKA (“Dominique’s Kouign Amann”): Tender, flaky, croissant-like dough w a caramelized crunchy crust - 2

Cannele bordelais  2

J's comment > the croissant was not bad, as the cronut is evidence that Dominique Ansel has mastered the croissant's multi-layered flakiness hands down, but was more doughy than crispy; nothing I can't find in Vancouver if I really want a good croissant; Beta5's pretzel croissant from its April 2014 afternoon tea lineup was a solid 3 and Thomas Haas' 'simple' plain croissant was a close contender

the DKA was seriously over-rated though, as it has been lauded as being better than the cronut (I call sour grapes...); this item was essentially just a firmer version of the croissant w a semi-crunchy top made up of caramelized crust that just didn't work; Beta5 does a much better job

Thierry does a better cannele bordelais

Magic Souffle: Grand Marnier chocolate soufflĂ© encased within a toasted orange blossom brioche - 1

J's comment > made to order, served warm; key word is 'brioche'; there was nary a component of this item reminiscent of a souffle; it was soft alright, but not even close to being an actual souffle; no melty interior as is the signature of a souffle nor any hint of the Grand Marnier flavor; an absolute fail

Latte - 2

J's comment > not bitter, lots of foam


The lineup @ 7:56am

All the way from the doors of the bakery to the corner of the tennis courts...

around the corner and all the way down to the other corner of the tennis courts.

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Extra Comments
 We were luckily 50th in line having gotten there @ 7:05am. The system is that only 25 people are allowed in the bakery at a chunk from 8am sharp, and the estimate is about 1 min per customer, so we barely made it in as part of the second 'batch'. Yes, it was raining, and at times absolutely pouring buckets, but perseverance paid off! Thankfully we were also provided w Rangers towels as part of the Rangers promotion (see above), and (tried to) dried off w them. Gee, I felt a little guilty as if I was cheating on the Canucks...

FYI, you can preorder up to 6 Cronuts ahead of time for pickup. More info here: I found out too late so had to line up :(

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