Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Guu on Thurlow

June 17, 2014

Age Tei: Deep fried chicken karaage, pork tenderloin cutlet & creamy croquette box - 2

J's comment > not bad; star of the show was definitely the chicken karaage which was juicy and crisp, but like its comrades in the box, it failed in that the size was too big and was a pain to eat around - you either ate timidly and nibbled off too much skin, leaving not enough to pair w the juicy meat underneath, or you give your jaw a workout and burned your tongue trying to pop the whole thing in your mouth;

the croquette was actually a creamy corn confection which was quite lovely - like eating cream of corn soup; alas it was again too big, and didn't have enough of the tasty crunchy exterior to pair w the huge chunk of 'soup' in the center;

pork tenderloin was borderline dry; rice was overcooked and borderline mushy

Side of BBQ beef - 2

J's comment > thickly cut and borderline dry; stick to the chicken karaage above


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