Tuesday, June 10, 2014


June 10, 2014

Scallop w sea urchin sauce, white asparagus - 3

J's comment > WOW! Incredibly tender all the way through, on the perfect balance point of undercooked and well, cooked; a definite rival to Secret Location's triple seared scallops which aren't even offered on Secret Location's menu anymore - you just have to fly across the continent and cross borders for scallops like these ;); I've never been a fan of uni, but this one time, and one time only in my life, the uni sauce underneath made perfect sense - I LOVED it! - and complemented the scallops beautifully

Bibim w tomato arugula sorbet - 3

J's comment > excellent play on the Korean bibimbap; this was actually a cold salad that you mix together before eating; all the different textures and flavors worked together in synchronization for a salad that I would pick any day over a steak - that's really saying something for me

Complimentary potato roll, green chili baguette and unsalted butter from Vermont - 3

J's comment > the roll was the softest dinner roll I have ever had (didn't really get the potato flavor, but it was of absolutely no consequence w this texture!); baguette had the typical hard and chewy crust as most baguettes do, but not bad, it wasn't spicy either, as expected; but the highlight, OMG, the highlight, was the unsalted butter! If you've been following my posts, I usually rate unsalted butter on the low end, but this unsalted butter was so tasty that I asked for 3 rounds! I tried to add some of the salt offered on the side, but oh no, not w this butter.

Complimentary green apple sorbet palate cleanser - 3

J's comment > not only is the shape cute, but the sourness of the green apple was very well controlled, not too sour, but just enough to identify the sorbet as a green apple; I thought Eden's was good, but this... this raised palate cleansers to a whole new high

Amuse bouches platter
(pic courtesy of Zachary Feldman on villagevoice.com)

Smoked eel mousse crisp - 3

Mussel avocado on tortilla crisp - 2+

Seaweed gazpacho (clam chowder is featured instead in the pic above) - 2+

Chicken fritter w spicy mayo - 2+

J's comments > I am so sorry... I don't know what came over me and I totally forgot to take a picture! I trolled the internet for a similar pic and found one on Z. Feldman's blog just for reference purposes; soooo embarrassed that I forgot to get my own pic...; Anyhoos, onto the review:

the smoked eel mousse was very smooth and creamy, and the crisp just shattered w the slightest touch, a brilliant combination

the mussel avocado tortilla crisp had the same texture combo as the smoked eel mousse crisp, and was also very good; the mussel flavor wasn't too strong, allowing the subtle flavor of the avocado to shine through

the gazpacho was chilled right, just enough to enhance the flavor of the seaweed, which wasn't too overpowering either

the chicken fritter was juicy and the mayo wasn't too spicy, but I've had others that have almost tasted the same 

Wagyu Gomtang: Wagyu beef consome soup - 2+

J's comment > incredibly tender wagyu, marbly, yet not fatty in the least; really melts in your mouth; consomme well seasoned; rice worked really well; just wish there was more wagyu though ;)

Crispy red snapper w Vietnamese salsa cilantro - 2

J's comment > WOW! The skin of the red snapper was crisped evenly and I mean crisp to the point of shatter if you even brush the top lightly w your fork; needless to say, the fish was perfectly cooked 

Galbi: Wagyu short rib w beef marinade - 2+

J's comment > flavors strongly reminiscent of what you'd expect of a Korean BBQ galbi, but flavors more balanced in this sauce, not too salty nor too sweet; wagyu short rib simply buttery, w just the tracest amt of chewiness; BTW, I chose this dish for a direct comparison to the regular avg galbi BBQ you'd get at a Korean BBQ restaurant

Duck w Dwenjang sauce confit shiitake - 2

J's comment > not bad; the skin of the duck was the crispest that I've ever encountered in a non-Peking duck dish, but nonetheless not as crisp; meat cooked very well, only concern was that the slices were a tad large to chew through in one go; sauce was OK

Arctic Char w smoked broth and lime yogurt - 2

J's comment > not bad; perfectly cooked salmon; the lime yogurt added just the smallest amt of punch to this dish (though the impact could have been stronger); broth was smoky as promised

Yellowtail w wild sesame rice, crispy rice - 2

J's comment > not bad; yellowtail cooked well; wild rice yummy and loved the chg in texture w the crispy rice bits

Sweet potato tart w rum raisin milk sherbert - 2+

J's comment > there were actually 3 kinds of sweet potato in this dish, although truth be told, the impact was more visual for me; didn't get the rum in the sherbert, but the raisin flavor was most definitely present and the texture was so well done; flavor of the sweet potato strong but not overpowering; tart shell was just the slightest bit stiff

Strawberry w rhubarb compote & spinach sponge - 2

J's comment > not bad; reminiscent of Secret Location's deconstructed desserts; could have used more cream though, as the compote was a tad too strong

Complimentary petit fours

Mango chocolate - 2+

Mugwort financier - 2

Ginseng macaron - 2

J's comment > the mango in the chocolate shone evidently through which it so rarely does; mugwort had a funny taste to it, that I assume was what mugwort tastes like, the texture of the financier was slightly denser that I'd like; ginseng flavor very prominent in the macaron, as I am not a fan of ginseng in anyway, I didn't like this petit fours nearly as much, but the texture of the macaron was like a fluff of air w the thinnest crisp on the outside imaginable - very well done

Domaine Raupenot Merme: Pinot Noir Morey - St. Denis Burgundy - 2+

J's comment > light enough for an OK pairing w most of the savories

Margaux du Chateau Margaux (3rd wine) - 2

J's comment > very dry


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Extra Comments
Jungsik is a 2 star Michelin restaurant, and most deservedly so. This was truly the best meal of my life.

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