Thursday, June 05, 2014

Koala Kebabs

June 5, 2014

Beef & Lamb donair w mozzarealla & feta cheese, spicy mango and garlic mayo dressings - 2

J's comment > the 'beef & lamb' is actually ground beef and ground lamb which is then smushed back together to form a thin-ish sheet of mixed protein; end result? the sheet of protein tasted neither like beer nor lamb, just... meat; veggie fillings were actually tastier than the meat (can't believe I'm saying this), except for the pickled turnips which were quite salty.

The star of this wrap were the homemade dressings! Very tasty dressings, on their own, definitely solid 2+'s but in this wrap, their effect got detracted; FYI, if you're going for the spicy mango dressing, definitely add the pineapple - these two worked extremely well together.

Falafel ball - 2

J's comment > not crispy at all (not that it's supposed to be, but thought I should note that to myself here); kinda like a healthier version of a mash potato ball w a slightly heavier texture

Peanut butter & chocolate baklava w walnuts & almonds - 2

J's comment > filo pastry layers not crisp at all (the way I prefer it); pb & chocolate apparent, but those flavors work better outside of this dessert


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Extra Comment
FYI, for this type of food joint, esp on this strip of downtown, the interior was really clean!

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