Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mr. Red Cafe

June 17, 2014

#21 Deep fried crab meat rolls w vermicelli, mixed herbs & sweet & sour fish sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; really thin crisp layer of the rolls, but didn't really get the crab flavor

#19 Fried chicken wings w honey - 2

J's comment > not bad; not crispy in the least, tad salty, but flavors were intriguing

#14 Spicy pate sandwich by Mr. Red Cafe - 2

J's comment > pate and shallots on top, not bad, but too much bread to topping ratio; bread was OK, slightly dense

#16 Traditional Vietnamese sticky rice w mung bean & fried shallots - 2

J's comment > there was also pate on the rice... this was a first, not bad in this aspect as I like pate; rice was your usual avg sticky rice variety; not a fan of the mung bean though, texture and flavor was very similar to the egg yolk in moon cakes; shallots were not crispy

#5 Steamed pork & shrimp tapioca dumplings wrapped in banana leaf - 2

J's comment > essentially ground pork w a bit of the mung bean / moon cake egg yolk flavor surrounded by gelatin; gelatin texture was reminiscent of your avg mango pudding (but savory of course)

#29 Yogurt & coffee topping in Vietnamese style - 2

J's comment > it literally is plain yogurt + coffee; I don't think these too went very well together


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