Monday, June 16, 2014

Next Noodle Bar

June 16, 2014

#NS1 Duck duck duck (2 of 3): Peking duck wraps - thinly carved crispy duck skin served w steamed pancakes - 2

J's comment > not bad; skin crisp, but not as crisp as it could be; also there was quite a lot of meat and wasn't the 'thinly carved' portions advertised, I'm OK with this, but I do hate false advertisements; wrappers were even, thicker on one side than the other, and some tore too as they all stuck together; still, if you're craving peking duck, this 3 course duck could temper your appetite for a while until you find a better peking duck (may I suggest Fortune Garden?); FYI, this looks like a half duck (at best), and not a full duck

#NS1 Duck duck duck (1 of 3): Crispy spring roll w stir fried duck & vegetables - 2

J's comment > not bad; spring roll served piping hot and very crisp, duck flavor also present, but would have liked a lot more duck

#NS1 Duck duck duck (3 of 3): Stir fried udon w shredded duck - 2

J's comment > since all the meat was left on the skin, there wasn't much left for this dish, I gather; udon was OK

#P18 Kung Pao Chicken w bell pepper, celery, carrot, baby corn, peanuts, chili - 2

J's comment > slightly spicy, chicken not dry nor particularly juicy; meh, avg

#B09 Wor Wonton Noodle: Egg noodles, minced pork & shrimp dumplings (AKA wontons), BBQ pork, seasonal greens - 2

J's comment > noodles slightly hard but passable; wontons' filling were too dense and could have used more dumpling wrapper; the soup though, was simply bland

Complimentary fortune cookies - 2

J's comment > avg crisp pieces of cracker dough


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