Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pearl Bistro & Oyster Bar

June 22, 2014

10oz marinated hanger steak frites: 40 day aged angus signature reserve hanger steak, marinated + grilled med rare - medium, pomme frites, parsley, garlic, parmesan cheese, cajun spice remoulade - 2

J's comment > texture of steak was reminiscent of gristle (the way I like it), not exactly lean nor marble, but not tough - hard to describe exactly but easy to pass over; fries were lukewarm and slightly dense

Pan roasted Haida Gwaii halibut w quinoa, market vegetables, tomato salsa, chipotle beurre blanc - 2

J's comment > fish was overcooked but not 'fishy'; all other accompaniments were avg and completely forgettable

Edamame & Garbanzo: flash fried, tossed in fleur de sel + sesame oil - 2

J's comment > slightly crisp and slightly salty, kinda like bar nuts but w beans

Buck a shuck: Royal Miyagi - 2

J's comment > came w a variety of sauces, but nothing particularly outstanding, oyster or sauce wise

Vegetarian Risotto: Arborio rice, grilled vegetables, pearl lemon truffle EVOO - 1

J's comment > Uncle Ben's, 'nuf said

Chocolate Pate: Dark chocolate ganache, sour cherries, toasted almond, vanilla crème fraiche - 2

J's comment > not bad; very smooth and rich chocolate pate; cherries not too sour actually

Tropical Ginger: Pineapple juice, ginger ale, lime juice - 2

J's comment > OK, not the best blend ever, but none of the ingredients listed stood out in a jarring fashion

Coppertone: Lime juice, coconut syrup, fresh basil, white grapefruit juice shaken on the rocks - 2

J's comment > 80% grapefruit, 20% mix of the other ingredients; no idea why the drink is orange-pink


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Had a TravelZoo voucher for this.

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