Friday, June 20, 2014


June 20, 2014

Chicken liver toast - 2+

J's comment > very creamy chicken liver mousse; excellent pairing w the jelly underneath; toast crisp; although the ratio of mousse to toast was a tad much in the mousse's favor - maybe toss in two more toast crisps and divide the amt of mousse among five pieces of toast? FYI, the small beer 'shooter' in the background was compliments of the bartender who advised us that the beer would help cleanse the palate after each mousse toast bite - he was right! Definitely get a beer to go w this dish

Steamed clams, spicy chorizo, fennel & wheat ale - 2

J's comment > clams fresh and large; not much of the spicy chorizo though

Chocolate chip cookies - 3

J's comment > like you had to wonder... fav cookies of all time in all my travels; still undefeated (see previous posts to confirm just how awesome these cookies are)

Lemon tart w meringue & blueberries - 3

J's comment > OMG! Best lemon tart ever! perfect balance of the sourness of the lemon w the sweetness from the blueberries; meringue was actually mini marshmallows roasted on top which I whole-heartedly approve as I'm not a fan of the egg white taste; excellent crust

Old fashioned - 2

J's comment > too much ice diluting the drink too quickly; flavors on first sip OK, avg


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