Saturday, June 28, 2014

Professor and the Pidgeon

June 28, 2014

Sorry my phone somehow deleted the food pics and I couldn't get them back :( But I still have a review of the items I ate:

Blueberry & lemon macaron - 1

Earl Grey tea macaron - 1

Dulche de leche macaron - 1

Cheesecake - 1

J's comments > wow, never had macarons so hard that I was seriously afraid of my teeth cracking - not kidding, these macarons were really really hard, and chewy when you finally get a chunk to munch on in your mouth; at least flavors were as advertised, but not as breathtaking as they can be; cheesecake was another hard one (but not to the point of teeth cracking) w no flavor whatsoever;

BTW, PP offers macaron making classes...

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