Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spinkles on Madison

June 11, 2014

Hey Y'all,

So Sprinkles has this Cupcake ATM that just opened this March and operates 24/7 (they have staff restocking it at the back), and I first heard about it @ RocketNews24 (a really awesome website!), so I just had to check it out. I took snapshots of how the ATM works from someone else operating it as I panicked during my turn (pics of this below). The review on the cupcakes will follow (one 3, and three solid 2+'s across the board BTW):

Select your flavor / frosting

Press the '+' button to select the no. of cupcakes you want of that flavor and the next screen will prompt you for payment

And the door of miracles opens shortly

Quick! Snatch that box before the trap door shuts close!

Whew! That was close...

j/k, the small print at the top says the door will reopen if the cupcake has not been picked up; still, I wouldn't put it to the test...

The 'pro' video here:

Strawberry: Pure strawberry cake w sweet strawberry frosting - 3

J's comment > OMG... this is the first strawberry cupcake I've ever had that actually tastes like strawberries! very moist, perfect balance of frosting to cake, not greasy at all; soooo well done 

Ginger Lemon: Spiced ginger cake w lemon cream cheese frosting - 2+

J's comment > loved the strawberry so much that we went into the store for 3 more, yes three more cupcakes after dinner (well All'Onda was kinda a bust we reasoned, so we had to cheer up somehow...); ginger flavor not too strong, but definitely present, and balanced well w the lemon

Key Lime: Graham cracker-lined tangy key lime cake filled w key lime curd topped w toasted marshmallow - 2+

J's comment > texture of cupcake just as moist as the ones above, but had the added facet of the graham cracker bottom; key lime curd not too strong; marshmallow very creamy and not sweet; lots of textures in this one unassuming cupcake; well done; available until June 22

Red Velvet: Southern style light chocolate cake w cream cheese frosting - 2+

J's comment > very moist cake as expected by now, but cream cheese flavor not as strong as expected in a red velvet; this was more like a subtle version of the avg red velvet, but texture wise, this one definitely takes the cake over its avg counterparts (hahaha... managed to get that corny joke in in this post ;D)

Store interior w menu if you squint really hard

Menu of the Sprinkles ice cream store next door

Flavor production sheet

Sprinkles Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

Extra Comment
FYI, the cupcakes in the ATM are $4.25 and the ones inside are $3.75, exact same cupcakes, but the $0.50 is for play value.

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