Friday, June 27, 2014

Sunset Beach Social

June 27, 2014

Mini Sweet Monkey: FroYo, Liege Waffle, Nutella, Bananas, Gourmet Peanut Butter - 2

J's comment > green tea frozen yogurt was creamy yet tasted slightly watery; the PB, Nutella and banana flavors were present as advertised, went OK w the green tea froyo (surprisingly); the froyo melted almost instantly into a puddle within 2 mins of digging in though, and it was definitely not because of the temp outdoors - it was drizzling!


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Danone Oikos Greek Yogurt

Danone, Oikos greek yogurt: Key Lime - 2

Danone, Oikos greek yogurt: Peach mango - 2

J's comment > very thick yogurt as greek yogurt should be; key lime wasn't too sour; peach mango had to be stirred up as the fruit was at the bottom, and the fruit bits were more peachy than mangoey

Jenny Bakes

Cookie sample - 2

J's comment > not terribly buttery, not too sweet either

Stumptown Coffee

Coffee - 1

J's comment > was served ice cold and extremely bitter even w the cream added; definitely a step down from the version @ Pok Pok in Portland

Buckwheat flour crepe with rosemary ham and salted butter - 1

J's comment > crepe was dry and flavorless, even worse than the last buckwheat crepe I had @ 
Boheme Creperie, but at BC at least the ingredients in the crepe were flavorful; the ham in this crepe was also dry and the butter was absolutely non-existent; Ze Bite used to be a 'non-crepe' truck, I think the previous offerings would have scored higher if the beef bourguignon I tried in the past was any indication


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