Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Tasty Life

June 4, 2014

Housemade tiramisu - 2+

J's comment > very fluffy yet creamy; coffee flavor present but not overwhelming; well done

Maple walnut ice cream - 2

J's comment > sugary, w artificial maple flavoring; I suspect this was an Island Farms' product from the containers I saw in the kitchen

Oreo ice cream - 1

J's comment > wtf? the menu read 'oreo ice cream', not chocolate ice cream w one oreo; in addition, the artificial chocolate flavor was also pretty gross, way too much sugar

Assorted cookies - 1

'Donut' - 1

J's comment > stale; that's what all the items on this dish tasted like, hard and something you actually want to forget but can't because they were that bad; honestly I'd never touch a cookie from this place again; the 'donut' was so spectacularly terrible that I had to distinguish it from the rest of the pack; I've never had a 'donut' that was harder than a cookie to bite through, do yourself a favor and skip across the street to Cartem's.

Almond milk tea - 2

J's comment > strong marzipan flavor and again, a ton of sugar

Rose honey milk tea - 2

J's comment > looked like pepto bismol but although not as bad as Roundel Cafe's 'blueberry milkshake', it was again, way too sugary; very prominent artificial rose flavor; pearls were absolutely bland


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Extra Comment
We had a Big City Perks voucher for everything but the cookies. We were supposed to get pudding, but they didn't have them today so they gave us ice cream instead (FYI, the voucher says make resos, and the server reminded us of this fact, but seriously? Resos @ a bubble tea place for 2 people?)

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