Sunday, July 06, 2014

Balkan House

July 6, 2014

Chicken - 2

Home made ground veal & pork sausage - 2

Smoked pork neck - 2

Vienna schnitzel - 2

Pork Tenderloin w Mushroom Sauce - 2

Bell pepper stew - 2

Rice - 2

Bread - 2

Fries - 1

J's comment > really avg fare; chicken was the 'best' as it was tender (it was stewed); sausage was surprisingly not as dry as it looked, and came in a close second; schnitzel was dry; all very one-dimensional flavors; fries were just sitting in a vat of oil on the buffet line up and despite this was still rock hard

Cake - 2

Baklava - 2

Jello / pudding - 2

Fruit cup - 2

J's comment > cake was OK, moist and crumbly; baklava was not your avg flaky version, this was more doughy and a tad stiff; the jello / pudding was exactly that - a weird cross between jello and creme caramel pudding; fruit cup came straight out of the can

'Menu' / Buffet line-up

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Extra Comment
On Sunday nights, it's $16.95 for AYCE from the buffet bar, which is what we went for.

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