Wednesday, July 23, 2014


July 23, 2014

#36 Com Suon, Bi, Trung Op La: Grilled lemongrass pork chop, fried egg & shredded pork on vermicelli - 2

J's comment > pork chop not bad, flavorful and not dry; vermicelli (FYI I subbed the rice for this) bland, need more of the pork jus to make it tasty; not a fan of the shredded pork

#15 Banh Bo Loc: Pork & shrimp tapioca dumplings wrapped in banana leaf - 2

J's comment > mochi-like dumpling but w vietnamese flavors (obviously); not much filling; other place that I've tried this dish was at Mr. Red Cafe on Hastings which was similar but w more mung bean

#61 Sticky rice w fresh mango in coconut sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; very fresh and sweet mango; perfectly cooked sticky rice - sticky, but not mushy; good balance of coconut cream w the rice

#65 Vietnamese french ice coffee w condensed milk - 2

J's comment > really bitter coffee even w the condensed milk mixed in


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