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Belgard Kitchen

July 5, 2014

Mushroom + Bacon Pâté w pickled mushrooms, smoked bacon, crostinis - 2+

J's comment > oh so creamy and fluffy; actual chunks of bacon in the pate (equally good without but not bad with either); crostinis OK, not stale or too hard, but was essentially hardened toast; real star was the pate which I actually preferred to spoon straight up

Tomato Soup Fondue w grilled cheese toasties - 2

J's comment > not bad; toasties grilled well, cheesy but not soggy nor too hard; cheese flavor could be a tad stronger though; tomato soup OK

Burrata, Speck + Grilled Stone Fruit w watercress, rocket, grilled sourdough - 2

J's comment > not bad; burrata soft but slightly stringy; peach well-ripened, not too sour nor too sweet, paired really well w the burrata; sourdough slightly overkilled the subtle burrata flavor though

Roasted Mushroom + Country Bacon Pizzette w caramelized onions, aged white cheddar, rocket pistou - 2

J's comment > not bad; generous amts of ingredients (at least towards the center) that all tasted fresh; bacon flavor surprisingly not too strong and w the mushrooms winning the texture battle
Belgard Meatballs w fresh mozza, San Marzano tomato sauce - 2

J's comment > decent meatballs, slightly juicy, not dry; paired well w the sauce; could have used even more cheese

Flank Steak w Chimichurri, Argentinian spice rub, malbec molasses - 2

J's comment > steak slightly chewy and a tad dry; chimichurri pretty good; would have liked more of the molasses

Foraged Mushroom Risotto w seasonal mushrooms, micro greens, grana padano - 2

J's comment > had lemon which really threw the risotto off - the lemon zing just doesn't work in this aspect; risotto rice tasted 'unwashed', very grainy; cooked OK, but needs more cheese

Postmark Beer Tasting Flight
(left to right)

Pilsner - 2

Dry Irish Stout - 2

Red IPA - 2

Saison - 2

J's comment > pilsner not bad, slightly sweet; red IPA very hoppy; Saison 'grapefruity'; Iris Stout avg

The Goods Wine Flight
(left to right)

Meyer Family Vineyards Chardonnay, Okanagan Falls ’12 - 2

JoieFarm ‘A Noble Blend’ Naramata ’12 - 2

Le Vieux Pin ‘Petit Rouge’ Oliver ’12 - 2

Road 13 ‘Honest John’s’ Red, Oliver ’11 - 2

Clos du Soleil Cabernet Rosé, Similkameen Valley ’12 - 2

J's comment > avg...

Vancouver Urban Winery Gewurztraminer, Penticton ’13 - 2

J's comment > avg...


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