Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beta5 Chocolates - 2014 ice cream social v.1

July 12, 2014

Vietnamese coffee cream puff - 2+

J's comment > well-balanced vietnamese coffee flavor (not 'just' coffee, this is distinctly the Vietnamese coffee you get at pho and other Vietnamese restaurants), not too strong or bitter; loved the two types of cream textures, the lighter, fluffier cream on top (tad more condensed milk flavor than vietnamese coffee) and the slightly denser version at the bottom (stronger vietnamese coffee flavor); the choux pastry component of the cream puff was not too crisp that it shatters under a bite, but tears easily when prompted; very well done

Lime spritzer cream puff - 2+

J's comment > despite the word 'cream', this was actually very light, and the textures incorporated within melded very well together - there was the light & slightly sticky meringue that had absolutely egg white taste (thank goodness!) you see on top, the lime gelee ball in the center, and the lime cream in the cream puff underneath; same choux pastry as described above; very well done

BETA5 Banana Split: Three scoops of house made ice creams: Tahitian Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Madagascar Dark Chocolate, topped w sauteed local, organic cherries, compressed bananas, roasted cashews, caramel and chocolate sauces and vanilla chantilly - 2

J's comment > not bad; very creamy ice creams that were the actual stars of this dish despite all the sides that tried to steal the show (all complemented the ice creams very well actually); cherries not soggy, quite crisp actually, and semi-sweet; bananas were more like sauteed bananas, but went soooo well; ice cream flavors were all as advertised, not to sweet either; loved the textures of the cream and the chocolate chunks, but they didn't have much flavor (the chocolate chunks actually tasted almost plasticky unfortunately :( )


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Extra Comment

FYI, Beta5 will be offering 3 more Saturday Ice Cream Socials this summer, on Jul 26, Aug 9 & Aug 23.

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