Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Brothers Cafe & Bakery

July 16, 2014

Tuna melt on butter croissant - 2+

J's comment > not strictly on the menu, the tuna melt was available under the 'sandwiches' section, but after the staff advised me that they bake everything in house, I knew a switch was in order; OMG... the crust was extremely crisp and completely shattered when I bit into it; the center was light as air and not doughy or heavy in the least; definitely one of the top three croissants I have had the pleasure of eating, the other two rounding out the roster being Beta5's pretzel croissant @ their April afternoon tea event (really crossing fingers that they'll bring it back) and Beaucoup's insanely rich and heavy but so good cheese croissant

Oh, the other components that made up the actual tuna melt was OK, generous amts of tuna and sufficient cheddar cheese (avg cheese, but passable); the real star is the croissant

Raspberry cream cheese croissant - 2

J's comment > and thus the tale of two croissants; this croissant on the other hand was more like a fluffy donut (not a bad donut, but this was not a croissant); the cream cheese completely separated and didn't even taste like cream cheese; the raspberry jelly was OK


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