Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bufala Pizzeria

July 29, 2014

Finocchiona: Fresh fennel sausage, castelvetrano olives, caramelized onions, smoked provolone, marinara - 2+

J's comment > incredible crust! I've never had a pizza where I'm happy just eating the crust, this pizza (and all the others below actually) had just the perfect crust - light yet substantial neither too thin nor thick though it's definitely on the thin side; crisp and solid throughout, even the center of the pizza that usually gets soggy was perfectly fine; Bufala also offers home blend olive oils for slathering on the crusts with (see below;

flavorwise, this was the cheesiest option, hence my fav of the night, although all the others were very close in ranking to each other; the fennel flavor (AKA anise/licorice) was actually not too strong and as a licorice-hater, I actually didn't mind it; the provolone didn't taste as smoky as I imagined; onions well caramelized

Funghi: Shimenji & portobello mushrooms, goat cheese, watercress, pecorino tartufo, bianco - 2+

J's comment > in addition to the awesome crust, this pizza was definitely mushroomy (huge nods to technique as everyone knows adding mushrooms onto pizza = more water content to soggy up the pizza, but this pizza completely held up); decent amt of cheese, but the mushrooms (aptly named) took center stage

Bacon & Clam: Savary Island clams, potato, thyme, pickled mustard seeds, bianco - 2+

J's comment > another awesome crust pizza; the ingredients listed gave us pause, but we decided to try it anyways; in M's words, this actually tasted like clam chowder on a pizza! strong notes of potato (loved the little chunks of these nuggets spread evenly throughout); ironically, neither the clams' nor bacon's flavor were too strong, giving the potatoes the spotlight

Oxtail & Kale: Braised oxtail, spicy peppers, aged cheddar, parsley, marinara - 2+

J's comment > another perfect crust; very tender oxtail, this was essentially a really cheesy, tender beef brisket-ish pizza; slightly spicy as advertised

Calabria: Spicy sausage, red peppers, garlic, manchego, marinara - 2+

J's comment > 5th perfect crust pizza of the night; sausage wasn't actually spicy at all; strong garlic flavors, not terribly cheesy, but all the ingredients and flavors were well-balanced

Carpaccio: Bresaola, grana padano, gribiche, horseradish, arugula, bianco - 2+

J's comment > last great crust of the night; the name says it all, this pizza was slightly thinner than the others above but was by no means any less filling; the bresaola (salted beef) was portioned just right, making this thinner-than-regular pizza taste meaty despite its size

Burrata: Italian burrata, veal tongue, charred scallion, parsley - 2

J's comment > not bad; soft burrata but flavor so mild I couldn't taste it even on its own; veal tongue was very tender and salted, making the combo w the burrata pretty decent, except the veal tongue totally stole the show

Seared Squid & Sausage: Humboldt squid, Calabrian sausage, caponata, watercress - 2

J's comment > squid slightly overdone, just a tad tougher than wanted; sausage was flavorful and tender

Meatballs: House recipe, ricotta, basil - 2

J's comment > meatballs were slightly mealy (I think this was the ricotta) and crumbly, reminded me more of a meat paste than an actual meatball if you didn't take shape into consideration; sauce was OK

Kale Caesar Salad: Green & purple kale, parmigiano reggiano, anchovy, bacon - 2

J's comment > egg yolk very creamy and melded really well w the cheese; didn't really taste the anchovy; kale OK, but I prefer Bitter's version

Gnocchi: Polenta gnocchi, braised oxtail, English peas, mint, asparagus, goat cheese - 2

J's comment > gnocchi slightly mealy, completely falls apart in your mouth, no pasta density (imagine rolled up balls of polenta); oxtail tender as evidenced from the oxtail pizza above

House infused olive oils for slathering on the pizza crusts: Chili, Ham, Herb & Parmesan - 2

J's comment > all oils were pretty good, didn't really get the ham and parmesan flavors though; chili was slightly spicy; herb was the most fragrant

Basil Panna Cotta: Fresh strawberries & raspberries, pinenut praline, lemon zest - 2

J's comment > not bad; very delicate and soft panna cotta; strong basil flavor; a touch too much praline though, very crunchy and tasty, but completely overwhelmed the delicacy of the panna cotta

Chocolate-almond tort w mascarpone crema - 2

J's comment > reminiscent of a brownie, very fudge-y w strong chocolate flavor as advertised; mascarpone crema didn't have much flavor though the texture was like whip


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