Sunday, July 06, 2014

Chefe Daniel Flavours of Portugal

July 6, 2014

Complimentary portuguese buns - 2

J's comment > not bad; served warm, very fluffy; server advised us that these were purchased @ a bakery on Commercial

Homemade sauces

BBQ - 2

Piri piri - 2

Salsa verde - 2

J's comment > all not bad; all a tad spicy; the BBQ was slightly sweet and wasn't as smoky as the avg BBQ sauce goes; piri

Chourico & onions omelet - 2

J's comment > omelet fluffy, not too greasy; chourico (that's the Portuguese spelling for chorizo) OK, but overall an avg omelette

Wild rice, potatoes & yam cakes w 2 poached eggs, tomato & basil sauce - 2

J's comment > rice OK, looks burnt but that's just the coloring of the wild rice (still, not very appetizing to look at...); yam not present at all

Prego (beef) sandwich - 2

J's comment > the exact same beef from below, but sandwiched in a portuguese bun; somehow the addition of the bun made the steak a tad better

Bitoque: Top sirloin medalions, fries, pickles and fried eggs - 2

J's comment > sirloin 'medalions' were more like pounded flat beef, tough and chewy, flavor avg; fries were much tastier, egg looked like the exact same fried egg I 'cooked' when I was in kindergarten and had a plastic trolley kitchen w plastic food


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