Monday, July 07, 2014

Chicco Cafe

July 7, 2014

Strawberry shortcake - 2

J's comment > not bad; fluffy and light w decent amt of cream; strawberries on the sour side though, and could have used a lot more cream; not too sweet

Japanese soft cheesecake - 2

J's comment > soft, but still stiffer and drier than I thought it should be, esp when comparing it to the T & T version which I thought was better as it was moister

Anmitsu parfait - 2

J's comment > really sub par, especially since the parfaits are advertised so blatantly that you'd imagine they would be Chicco's signature; green tea gelato, cookie and the long biscuit were OK (BTW you can get these separately from the counter in mini bags), but the other items (esp the agar jelly) were completely forgettable; the macaron was really hard too, not as hard as the one from Professor and the Pigeon, but these do take second place


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