Friday, July 18, 2014

Gyoza King

July 18, 2014

Garlic fried rice: BBQ pork, garlic sauce fried rice - 2

J's comment > garlic flavor not too strong, didn't really taste the garlic at all actually, other than the garlic chips scattered on top; pork was present but tough and not a lot of it either; rice was fried OK, a bit clumpy but passable

Teba Karaage: Chicken wings w sweet soy sauce - 2

J's comment > OK fry, not particularly crispy, but not soggy either; wings not overcooked (thank goodness); sweet soy sauce was neither sweet nor salty but rather slightly sour (?) - yeah, I'm confused too

Tontoro: Marinated pork cheek w mayo - 2

J's comment > lean, tad too salty, tough, thick and large; as a heavier cut, it should be cut into smaller pieces and be cooked to the point of juiciness then left alone, w a bit more fat ratio

Ebinira gyoza: Prawn, pork & chives - 2

J's comment > about 80% prawn and 20% pork, and whole chunks of prawn too; gyoza skin thin and the gyoza itself didn't fall apart after biting into; flavor overall was avg though

Mont Blanc: Chestnut puree - 2

Macaron w orange peels - 2

Mille-feuille flaky pastry - 2

J's comment > not bad; very creamy chestnut; loved the wee bit of chocolate crunch right underneath the chestnut on top; sponge cake at the bottom was moist and was a good texture blend into the firmer the tart base; macaron was much much better than the one @ Chicco I tried last week, this was much softer and had a decent amt of cream in the center; the flaky pastry was good, just as crisp and flavorful as the one I tried last week as part of the parfait; FYI, Chicco is part of the Gyo King chain of restaurants and is conveniently located next door so all the desserts on the menu @ Gyoza King comes from there; 2nd FYI, my dining partner wasn't familiar w what 'Mont Blanc' is so in his honor, here's the wiki link for more info


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Extra Note
Gyoza King is open for lunch only on Fridays and weekends. Only cooked items available from the dinner menu for lunch.

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