Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Hae Zuk

July 9, 2014

Aburi Lobster Nigiri: Baked real lobster w creamy sauce - 2

J's comment > lobster passable but not exciting; 'creamy sauce' was actually a thai sweet chili sauce which was OK; didn't get the caviar flavor at all; quite forgettable

Aburi nigiri
(top to bottom)

Hamachi w sweet miso sauce and pickled jalapeno - 2

Beef: Seared beef w ponzu sauce - 1

Salmon w house mayo - 2

J's comment > fish not the freshest but passable; beef extremely chewy and tough; sauces were 'cute' but didn't really work

Caribbean Roll w black rice: Fresh salmon & cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, covered w salmon & coconut flakes - 2

J's comment > amazing how so many of my fav ingredients in a sushi roll worked together to fall totally flat; textures of the advertised ingredients present, but flavors woefully MIA, esp the coconut - even the coconut cream was bland... rice was passable although it was more red than 'black'


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