Thursday, July 03, 2014

Hamburger Mary's

July 3, 2014

Vancouver Burger: Flame grilled w swiss cheese, guacamole & sprouts, w yam fries - 2

J's comment > burger was overcooked, dry; cheese was avg; couldn't taste the guacamole at all; yam fries on the other hand though, were superb, nicely crisped exterior w a soft mushy center, went perfectly w the chipotle mayo

Chicken Wings: Sea salt & cracked black pepper w lemon (half order) - 2

J's comment > like the burger, wings were overcooked and almost dry; seasoning too strong, completely drowned out the flavor of the chicken, but then again there wasn't much flavor of the chicken left after being so overcooked...

Root beer float w frozen yogurt - 2

J's comment > not bad; root beer flavor not too strong (not a fan of root beer but alas it is the pop to get when you're getting a float); frozen yogurt tasted just like ice cream but not as 'icy', more creamy, hmm... I think the frozen yogurt was a better ice cream than other ice creams in terms of creaminess, anyhoos, it melted at a good rate, not all at once nor did it just 'sit' there which I have a pet peeve of when I get a float


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