Thursday, July 17, 2014

Market by Jean-Georges @ Shangri-La

July 17, 2014

Black truffle w Fontina cheese pizza - 2

J's comment > not bad; very thin crust pizza w a light dusting of cheese & truffle (would have loved more of both), but as the crust was so thin, the amt provided was OK; crispy crust was divine w the salted butter provided w the complimentary bread; had a weird soy?/balsamic? sauce at the bottom of the pizza that was salty & a bit sour

Steelhead sashimi, crispy rice, chipotle emulsion - 2

J's comment > intriguing take on nigiri; the 'crispy' rice was lightly (can't stress this word enough here) crisped, was actually more like a mochi rice which I prefer so that ended up well; shame 'twas also a tad salty; fish was fresh, but didn't really mesh well w the rice, the rice completely overwhelms the fish

Sweet pea soup w parmesan foam - 2

J's comment > creamy, strong pea notes; tad salty; didn't get the parmesan flavor in the foam which actually quickly melted / turned into cream chunks that floated on top; loved the crispy crouton-y bits which stayed crispy from start to finish and didn't get soggy (no easy feat)

Complimentary bread and salted butter - 2

J's comment > breads slightly dense but flavorful (we got sourdough, poppy seed & reg baguette); salted butter was almost too salty (for once I'm not complaining about unsalted butter ;P

Warm chocolate cake w vanilla ice cream - 2+

J's comment > perfect cake exterior that maintained composure and did not collapse through start to finish (not that it took too long ;P), moist yet firm; molten chocolate at the right temp that didn't burn my tongue; just as tasty as the one @ Jean-Georges in NYC, though the ice cream was more melty at the latter and hence a touch better, well, it is HQ after all...

Fresh peaches, lemon thyme bavaroise - 2

J's comment > not bad; huge props to serving divinely ripe peaches (if you've tried to catch the perfect moment to eat a peach after buying it from the supermarket you'd know how impossible it is), but these were perfectly ripe and juicy; sorbet and almond crisp were OK, but the main star was definitely the peaches


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