Thursday, July 10, 2014


July 10, 2014

Fruit Parfait - 2

J's comment > a really avg parfait... bananas, apples and mandarin oranges all freshly peeled/chopped up, but none of them were at their ripest (not unripe either, just... avg); yogurt and granola oats were OK, yogurt not too sour nor sweet, just... there; despite all these factors, the chocolate was even more disappointing in that well, there wasn't much; yes, I know what a fruit parfait is, but @ Mink, a chocolate cafe, I expected something much much more; BTW, I asked for more of the milk chocolate and despite having more added, the milk chocolate didn't have much flavor to it; go for the dark chocolate for the fondue (which BTW, is only available up to 1 hr before store closing - I asked why but was not given a satisfactory answer)


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