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July 11, 2014

Hey y'all,

Sorry for the late post on NYC VS YVR, but better late than never I figure. Anyways, without further ado, here's how the dishes compare, as per the Vanbrosia format, from fav to least (from either side of the continent):

Category: Fine Dining
NYC's two Michelin star Jungsik VS YVR's darling, Hawksworth

Definitely Jungsik, by an extremely wide margin
Every single dish was extremely well thought out and we tried a good 14 dishes - consistently wonderful, much better than even NYC's three Michelin star Jean Georges. Hawksworth is by no means a slouch, but Jungsik... when travelling through or to NYC again, I will actually make a stopover to eat here again. That's how incredible Jungsik is. Even the other local YVR favorites / contenders, Diva and Pear Tree are no match for this superstar.

Category: Sushi
NYC's two Michelin Star 15 East VS YVR's Octopus Garden

Definitely Octopus Garden, by an extremely wide margin
An absolute waste of time in visiting 15 East. Octopus Garden's sushi is better balanced and has more 'soul'. Can't believe the quality of the nigiri served @ 15 East is considered two Michelin star worthy. If that is the case, the Michelin guide should definitely award Octopus Garden three stars.

Category: Cupcake

Definitely Sprinkles, by an extremely wide margin
I really can't stress enough how amazing the Strawberry cupcake @ Sprinkles was - perfectly moist and such delicate yet strong notes of strawberry, immaculate frosting. I will totally inhale at least 2 in one sitting. I chose Cupcakes as YVR's representative as it is the closest in terms of decor, target market etc. but even the other YVR competitors in the cupcake business, eg. ManCakes & Geek Sweets don't even come close.

Category: Jean Georges
NYC's three Michelin star Jean-Georges VS YVR's Market by Jean-Georges

Slight favor towards Market
Heehee. Thought it'd be interesting to see if the Jean-Georges HQ would be as good as the YVR branch. Happy to report that we Vancouverites aren't missing out much. Didn't get a single 3 from this three Michelin  star restaurant. That in itself speaks volumes to me. BTW, here's the info on what the Market by Jean-Georges concept is about:

Category: Pastry

The Cronut was fluffier and was a better blend of a donut & a croissant, whilst the Frissant leaned more towards being a croissant, but a very good one at that. I can live with not going back to NYC just for the cronut since we have the Frissant in Vancouver.

Category: Pastry
NYC's Dominique Ansel's Kouign Amann VS YVR's Beta5's Kouign Amann

Deemed by the food bloggers of NYC as the 'real' star of the Dominique Ansel's bakery as opposed to the 'over hyped' cronut, I just had to give it a try and pitch it against Beta5's creation. Sorry NYC, but YVR definitely takes this one. Sadly though, Beta5 only makes their Kouign Amann's during fall/winter.

Category: Burger
NYC's Shake Shack VS YVR's Vera's

Slight favor towards Shake Shack
Loved the 'beefiness' of Shake Shack and the cheesiness that just melds everything together in the ShackBurger. Vera's comes in a really close second, but wasn't as juicy. (sorry about the Vera pic, it didn't quite survive the journey home)

Category: Pizza
NYC's Grimaldi's Pizza VS YVR's Pizzeria Barbarella

Pizzeria Barbarella
Not sure why Grimaldi's is so famous in NYC... is the average pizza so bad that Grimaldi's is considered one of the best? Pizza @ Grimaldi's wasn't bad, but definitely over-hyped. Lots of other local YVR favorites that simply beat the pants off of Grimaldi's, eg. NOVO, Rocky Mountain Flatbread, Campagnolo and Farina to name just a very few that have pizzas I will trade any day over Grimaldi's

Category: Bagel
NYC's Murray's Bagels VS YVR's Benny's Bagels

Slight favor towards Benny's Bagels
Both bagels were good, but Benny's was slightly softer (yet nonetheless dense as a bagel should be) which I prefer. Cream cheese filling for both were equally tasty.

Category: Macaron
NYC's Laduree VS YVR's Soirette

Both stores' macarons aren't bad, neither were rock hard at the very least (oh yeah, there are some places that dare to serve crack-your-teeth-macarons) and the flavors advertised were present. Texture-wise though (I like my macarons fluffier), the award goes to Jungsik which serve their macarons as part of their p'tit fours series, but alas it tastes of ginseng which I dislike, so overall fav would actually have to be Bel Cafe.

Category: Hot Dog
NYC's Gray's Papaya VS YVR's Japadog

Definitely Japadog
Same question from under the pizza category: is the average hot dog so bad that Gray's Papaya is considered one of the best? Actually, for the sake of research, I randomly grabbed a hot dog from a hot dog cart in the FIDI (financial district) and can ascertain that, yes, if the average hot dogs are as bad as the one I got off the hot dog cart, Gray's Papaya's celebrity status is understandable. Sad, but understandable. To be fair though, the hot dog's in NYC are a lot cheaper than the ones in YVR.

Category: Donut
NYC's Doughnut Plant VS YVR's Cartem's

Slight favor towards Cartem's
In comparing the breadth of both donuterries' donuts in general, both are tied, but at least @ Cartem's their signature Earl Grey has been consistently undefeated in my books.

Category: Patisserie
NYC's Maison Kayser VS YVR's Faubourg

Definitely Faubourg
The 'signature' St. Honore @ Maison Kayser was a joke - extremely hard choux with average cream. Pass please. Faubourg's wasn't a superstar by any means, but definitely got bonus points for creativity and at the very least it didn't suck.

So there you have it! A complete comparison of the food in NYC VS YVR. Overall, I prefer YVR's offerings, but Jungsik... that is a complete category on its own. Undefeated.

Thanks for making the way all the down here. Let me know if you'd like to see more comparison posts like these and I'll see what I can do! Sound off below.

- J

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