Wednesday, July 30, 2014


July 30, 2014

Papri Chaat: Indian canapé wafers with potatoes, peas, yoghurt and various chutneys - 2+

J's comment > refreshing (served cold) and flavorful; excellent balance on the variety of ingredients used in this dish, none taking center stage but altogether in perfect harmony; lots of different texture from the crispness of the wafers to the firmness of the potatoes, absolutely delish

Lacchedar Paratha: Multi-layered flaky bread garnished w ghee (butter) - 2

J's comment > not bad; kinda like roti, but not as flaky; this was literally several layers of dough on top of each other that somehow managed to become one (all layers 'melted' into one piece in the center but the edges were still a little 'peel-y' / flaky, and showed the number of layers the paratha consisted off; loved the edges; center was OK

Lamb Korma: Lamb marinated w garam masala then cooked in a creamy sauce and garnished w cashews - 2

J's comment > served piping hot (there was actually a candle underneath the whole time to keep the dish warm); tasty curry, definitely different from the regular butter chicken I love; some lamb pieces a tad dry though; decent amt of meat in this curry

Mango Lassi: Indian style homemade yogurt smoothie - 2

J's comment > slightly sour; more yogurt than mango (no actual mango pieces, just a mango puree of some sort)


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