Thursday, August 07, 2014

C-Lovers on Denman

August 7, 2014

Side of haddock - 2

C-Lovers Platter: 1pc of halibut, 6 prawns, & 4 hand-cut onion rings, w hand-cut chips & fresh coleslaw - 2

J's comment > the haddock was not bad; the server affirmed that the haddock was the juiciest fish and it indeed was; the halibut was on the dry side; shrimps were plump, but very evident that it was recently defrosted; lovely crisp on all the seafood and onion rings (esp the onion rings); not much flavor in the seafood though, all I got was the texture of the fish and the crispness of the batter; if you're after the crispness, just do the onion rings; chips were passable, but definitely below the onion rings; coleslaw was OK, slightly sour


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