Sunday, August 24, 2014

Good Wolfe

August 24, 2014

Spatzle - 2+

J's comment > addictive pasta w crisped exteriors & a good bouncy texture on the inside; pan fried in a wee bit of oil and a dash of salt, nothing too overwhelming, allowing the pasta to shine; came as a side to the Cornish Hen (below) but also available off the menu

Tuna Tartare w radish, spice, rice cracker - 2

J's comment > not bad; creamy tuna w a hint of spiciness, very generous portion, slightly one-dimensional flavors; rice cracker good but would have liked it even thinner

Cornish Hen w bacon, mushrooms, Gewurztraminer - 2

J's comment > chicken slightly overcooked and a tad dry, even the dark meat, flavors OK; jus good, but preferred to eat the chicken on its own and then eat the rest of the dish w the jus; BTW, a bit of trickery here, the piece on top looks like a drumstick and thigh, but was actually the breast meat; the boneless piece underneath was actually the dark meat; hen also came w a side of spatzle, above

Lamb Tenderloin w baby carrots, radishes, mashed potato - 2

J's comment > lamb overcooked (but still somewhat tender which is worthy of mention), a tad dry and salty; complements on the dish passable but forgettable

Oysters - 2

J's comment > fresh and meaty oysters; found a few shell fragments in the oysters though, not sure by now if this is the expected norm, or if these fragments are just the result of over enthusiastic shucking

Complimentary house baked bread and butter - 2

J's comment > bread fresh, but your avg fresh baguette, nothing new here; butter spreadable and not too salty despite the chunks of salt you see on top 

Lemon meringue curd tart - 2

J's comment > not bad; very creamy curd and meringue (no egg white flavor either!); crisps that were wedged into the tart were crunchy, and I can imagine they were supposed to represent the tart shell, but it just didn't quite work that way for me, they were just sweet crisp cookies hanging out in my lemon curd; ironically, the thin sliver of crust on the bottom was not crisp at all, would have been a better tart if it were

Deconstructed black forest cake - 2

J's comment > cake was stiff and slightly chewy/gummy; chocolate flavor weak; cherries and cream were OK


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Extra Comment
We had a Travelzoo voucher for all this, still available as of today!

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