Tuesday, August 19, 2014


August 19, 2014

Prawn basted in a margarita-style marinade and sauteed to order - 2

J's comment > prawns cooked well, decent amt and decent flavor, but baguette simply too thick to balance out the lightness of the shrimp; it was a 70% bread, 30% shrimp sandwich; fortunately, the mayo on the baguette was quite flavorful and you can polish off the leftover bread easily w just the mayo as seasoning (I ate this open-faced so that the shrimp had a chance of making it center stage w just half the baguette)

Minestrone soup - 2

J's comment > lots of pepper and veggies, but OK; would have preferred more soup than veggies in my bowl

Kettle chips - 2

J's comment > crisp but w a bit of a bite as is your avg kettle chips texture; lightly salted


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