Monday, August 04, 2014


August 4, 2014

Confit of albacore tuna w potato, green olives, bordelaise sauce - 2

J's comment > not bad; loved the sauce, very flavorful, turned this dish into a fish steak, instead of just fish w sauce; tuna overdone though, would have liked it more raw; potatoes cooked well and were excellent sauce drenchers when I ran out of fish; olives also OK despite my propensity to avoid them in general

Terrine of duck foie gras: Cherry, yogurt, brioche - 2+

J's comment > not bad; creamy foie; brioche a tad stiff, could have been crisper; riesling jellies a good pairing w the foie, strong white wine flavor; cherries a pretty touch, but could have gone either with or without

Complimentary bread basket

Bacon brioche - 2

Cheese stick - 2

Sesame crisp - 2

J's comment > all weren't bad; brioche very soft w hints of bacon; cheese stick slightly crisp, kinda like a croissant stick actually; sesame crisps very brittle and crunchy, loved the seasoning flavors

Filet of Pacific ling cod cooked over charcoal w hand peeled shrimp, peas, sauce vierge - 2

J's comment > cod completely overcooked; skin not crispy in the least despite the time on the barbie and the amt of charring on it...; shrimp OK; sauce no comparison (not even close) to the bordelaise sauce w the tuna

Pan fried veal sweetbreads on toast, sauce gribiche w veal tongue - 2

J's comment > flavors OK, texture of the sweetbreads too close to the texture of the toast (well, they are both 'breads' after all...) making the dish slightly one-dimensional, I felt like I was just eating flavored bread

Champagne sabayon & berries w honey thyme granola, champagne jelly, berry sorbet - 2

J's comment > creamy sabayon, not too heavy though; berry sorbet (underneath) really sour, definitely cut through the richness of the sabayon and then some; champagne jelly reminiscent of the riesling jelly w the foie above

Vanilla & yogurt panna cotta w local cherries, cherry sorbet, pumpkin seed crumble - 2

J's comment > not bad; very creamy panna cotta, not quite as 'jelly/gelatinous' as expected though, a tad too rich (can't believe I said that, I'm all butter or nothing); the texture of the crisp tuile and the slightly sour notes of the sorbet were good measures to break up an otherwise one-dimensional dessert though 

Slaughterhouse: Cognac, Rye, sugar, Elixer Vegital, orange oils, aromatic bitters, Green Chartreuse mist - 2

J's comment > not bad; easy to drink, smooth


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